LOUDMOUTH!- The official fanzine for the RAMONES' 20th Anniversary

were finally released on September 9, 1994, the day of the first authorized tribute to the band.
All in all around 1500 copies were made (of 40 black and white-A4-pages), and all copies were sold out immediately.
There is no paper copy left nowadays, instead of the ones we kept for ourselves (the later signed ones, you know...).
The special extra in it were the exclusive and today very historical Questionnaires that we gave to the actuall line-up then and to Dee Dee, and that were filled out by them while we were on tour with them. Also pics and articles (rare stuff back then) made it into the zine, and last but not least the fans’ questionnaires and voting for their favourite Ramones-album, single, video etc.

Find the results of our fanpoll HERE!

Only the bandmembers’ original questionnaires are published here, without the additional inserted photos, and without the fanzinequestionnaires from 1977 (where we, and that is no secret, have stolen some questions for ours).
We can not clear the copyrights for all this stuff nowadays.

Our photos from the Ramones’ show on December 16, 1993 at the Grugahalle in Essen/Germany will be published in origin here in the future, so the Fanzines’ pages 19-22, where that photos were released in the Zine, are left out here.

Page 36 of the fanzine is complettely left out here, it was an article in advance to our first tribute night, and you can find any info about it under “The Tributes” in the menu of this website. Pages 9, 10 and 37 of the fanzine (paper interviews from 1977 and 1993) are left out here, because of unclear copyright-circumstances nowadays. Write to us if you're interested in seeing this pages also.


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Page 14/15 (Questionnaire Joey, Part 2)
Page 14/15 (Questionnaire Joey, Part 3)
Pages 16/17 (Questionnaire Marky, Part 1)

Pages 16/17 (Questionnaire Marky, Part 2)
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> Results of the fanpoll 1993/1994

> Originalpics from Cover*
> Originalpic Pages 3/4**
> Originalpic Monte (Page 27)***

* Pic Joey by Wolfgang Burat ("Spex"-Magazine, Germany, Issue October 1987);
Pic Johnny by Bob Leafe ("HardrockVideoMagazine", USA, Issue from 1986)
** Pic by Bob Gruen (from July 1975)
*** Pic by Christian Pemsel/Loudmouth!, from December 1993