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Welcome to this, a memorial website, to remember and to let people know, what happened.

We were active as the Ramones’ official german fanclub (estd by them in 1993), allowed to do a lot of things in the band’s name and with the band’s permission (a couple of tributeevents, a fanzine, a sampler) until 2017- you find all about it here on this pages. We’ve been highly motivated over the years, someone in the nineties wrote about us that we “lift the flag of the band up” even when they were not that popular as they became later- after they splitted. Now as they are maybe more popular than ever, there are reasons for us to stop that work. Also we stop working under the label “Loudmouth!”, under which we did many concerts over the years.

It was our decision, not forced by anyone, not because any circumstances before or around our latest event (the “Beat On Cancer” 2017). It was long planned before, and long announced.
The time changes, people change, getting older, with many other things to do, and so do we. It was a great time, a long one since 1993, it was fun.

Though first reason is, we individuals are simply in new environments nowadays. We are and we will stay friends forever and will be still around somewhere, also together, but just not working under the above names (Attention- don’t try to catch and use the names, we can’t give and do not want to give the permissions further on, that won’t be correct by us, and any using would be a crime by anyone else).

Second reason is, sadly none of the original Ramones-Bandmembers is alive anymore to give us any support, and even not the wonderful and also missed Arturo Vega, who created the Beat On Cancer-thing we did in Germany, and allowed us to use the name. Only the fantastic Monte Melnick is godthanks still with us and always welcome.
The overliving part-time members of the band always react different, when we ask for support, even from time to time, but believe us, no bad words at any time or in any place. There are really enough fights inside the inner circle of the people of, in and around the Ramones’ legacy (where we surely not belong to, so why should we talk more about it?).
Also there is a new kind of the managing, new people, we never been in touch with.

Third reason is, there are parts in the so-called modern Ramones-community we just don’t like. Too many people talking bullshit (often people who never met any of the band), many stories we at least don’t care about or want to know about, many wrong shit, so many crazy bashing against bandmembers (see above- by people who never met…) and communitymembers, too many envy and distrust (taking out eventflyers from groups on facebook for example). It’s so often disguisting (Not to misunderstand: there are great people, great new fans, and even great young people included, but even a lot of the other crowd).

No fourth reason, what would this be for an awaited joke?!  

But we think, it would be a shame, not to remember all that glorious and wonderful times, for us and for any interested human and extraterrestrial being outta there, and so we let people know what happened- here, in maybe surprise-releases in the future and (from a personal point of view) in Jörg’s blog.
Come here again and again, there are many updates to follow, enjoy, and don't mind to get in touch and ask, whatever you want to. You're welcome- if not, we let you know.

Anyway, Ramones will be our favourite band forever, still number one on our record players, nothing can change this. Up Ramones forever!

If you want to be informed about updates on this site (don’t worry, only about huge ones), send an eMail to newsletter@heyholetsgo.de, and you will be up to date about.

Find all info and backgrounds about:
The german official RAMONES-fanclub estd 1993
The six official Ramones-tributes, presented by the fanclub and Loudmouth!-Team
The official fanzine for the Ramones' 20th anniversary (1994)
The official Fanclubsampler (1999)
Beat On Cancer Germany- An official tribute to Ramones and a benefit (permitted by Arturo Vega)
The Loudmouth!-Team

And as a Ramones-fan also enjoy:
Exclusive stuff and never and nowhere seen before-pictures, done by us
An archive of (as far as we know) rare stuff and memorabilia

Jörg's totally subjective and private blog about it all

Our special thanks goes to:
Johnny, Joey and Dee Dee, for their support up from our beginning.
Tommy and Richie, for their support, even we never met them in persons.
CJ and Marky for their being in the band.
Arturo Vega and Monte Melnick for all their support on tours and later on.
Ida S.Langsam (ISL Promotions) in New York City/USA.
Manfred Meyer (MMS-Security).
The Ramones-Roadcrews, especially Truckie, John, Rick and Gene.
Paolo and Maurizio and the "Crazy Caravan".
And of course to all the followers, also the non-germans,
and all helping hands at the Loudmouth!-shows.