Loudmouth! - The shows

Only a few days before our first Ramones-tribute, Arturo Bassick (singer and bassplayer for the english punklegend The Lurkers, who were already booked for the show, and this wasn’t hard to do as Arturo was a personal friend of us for years and knew, we did something good and special then), asked us, if we could do a show with his other band 9 9 9 in November. He still plays bass also in this other english punklegend, and they had a day-off inbetween shows in the east of Germany and in France, and wanted to play on this Saturday, too, as Düsseldorf were right in the middle of the distance. Even that meant, we only had some weeks time to organize and to promote (and even we didn’t know then, if the first tribute could be a success or a flop), we did it. Sure, we had some bad first experiences in the Rock’N Roll-biz, many work and many stress, but to get another of our fave groups into our town- well, we couldn’t say no to it.
Idealistic as we were, maybe. Or maybe because we were young… at least both our first two shows were sold out.
All the bands were satisfied, and, the best compliment to get, they all came back.

Here’s a nice thanks from Arturo:
The Loudmouth!-Team did a lot of shows for both bands I play in, The Lurkers and 999. Always great and professional. It was wonderful, to work with them (and also to drink with them and to party...)

If you organize and promote Concerts, it is not essential, in which dimension it happens (size of the venue, number of the crowd, and anyway, you never know this before)- it is essential, to have some fun beside of all the work. It is a strange mixture of stress and troubles (especially with the bands), to get out the best for everyone, and this factor fun. But that should be forgotten when the show starts, even the work’s not done then.

Also this just happened to us, we never had the ambition to make our fulltimejob out of it, nor to make money with it. Anyway, we never made, we were too nice to the bands...
We are happy and satisfied with what we did. And so were everyone else. And as we never been a “real” agency, there never been a real breakup. Sure, we could have made much more with much more bands, we’ve been asked for a lot of times, but at least all is fine the way it is. All we did, and maybe will do on (under a new name though), we did with our hearts and souls, and it is good to know that everyone we did something with, would come back again for us, if we would ask.

The "little Loudmouth" was originally painted by Michael Standau (RIP) as a fortunatebringer and logoman for the team, basing on an idea by Jörg. In 1999 he was “cosmetical operated” by DISH666, a comicpainter from Belgium, and also the “She-Loudmouth” were born. She is very shy nowadays, and doesn’t like to be in public,
Here’s a rare picture of both, and on the left you can see, how the “little Loudmouth” looked like before his surgery in 1999:

Much more to come - page is under construction.

Loudmouth! - The shows