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(Final flyer)

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At once with the first plans for our fanzine, so sometimes in the second half of 1993, we also had the first plans for a little tributenight to honor the Ramones for their 20th Anniversary. Originally we wanted to promote it in the small Club “Dschungel” in Düsseldorf’s amusement quarter, the world famous “Altstadt” (Old town), who had a capacity of around 150 people, or maybe less, and with maximum three bands. One should’ve play the complete “It’s Alive”-album, and the one or two others songs from the Ramones of later recordings. We wouldn’t have do much promotion for it, at least most of the guests would have been inducted by us, and the costs would have been divided thru the guests. But everything happened different...

After the fanzine and also we as a fanclub (the group of germans, who followed Ramones for years then) were “officialised” in December 1993, our ideas for the anniversary became known by the public fast. Many people showed their interest, as guests, and also many bands who wanted to play there. Those events were (in difference to the later years and the last years especially), and in all modesty by us, quite unknown then. So the “Dschungel” became too small, and at least we couldn’t find (unbelievable today) a pure coverband- plans changed, and it got bigger on and on.
When we got finally the punklegend “The Lurkers” from London (vocalist Arturo is still a private friend of us, and the band had an offer to play Belgium the next day) to play, we took the full risk and booked the big venue “Zakk” in Düsseldorf. Who dares wins, and you can’t celebrate a band’s 20th anniversary every day- Result: see bwlow.

Indeed, there weren’t as much Ramones-songs to listen to as we planned (anyway, “The Lurkers” played a show with half Ramones- and half their own songs, after they asked us if they should play only Ramones-songs), and also, because of technical problems, we weren’t able to show videos that night (even not the one with the Ramones themselves, that we made in April before, exclusively for this night). But, for sure, the people liked our tributenight (even many ones from foreign countries, because at least we made much promotion for it).

Friday, 9 September 1994
Düsseldorf, "Zakk"
Sold out, around 900 in the audience

The final Line-Up:

The Lurkers (London/England)
Sloppy Seconds (Canada); surprise guests
Campus Tramps (Newcastle/England); 2 shows of each 15 min.
Schliessmuskel (Hamminkeln/D)
Mädels No Mädels (Stuttgart/D)
La Cry (Hamburg/D)
ZZZ Hacker (Bielefeld/D)
The Braggarts (Duisburg/D)
Spermkilling Substance (Duisburg/D)
The Branes (Düsseldorf/D)


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First flyer ("Rubbermaids" cancelled their appearance a couple of weeks before)