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(Final flyer)

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First of all, straight from the beginning, we decided to make it smaller, much smaller than two years before. Also early on we refused a “big headlining band”, that was offered to us, and which could have filled the “Zakk” again. They would not have covered that much Ramones-songs as the “Lurkers” did the last time, and so it would have been only a show of them with many supportbands playing Ramones-stuff. We didn’t felt for a big event, we wanted a more atmospheric, more manageable Fanmeeting. We booked the iconic and much more intimate “AK 47” on Kiefernstrasse (by the way: right around the corner of the “Zakk”), which has a kind of “CBGB”-Charme (the “Dschungel” meanwhile was sadly closed). And so also the money we made with selling drinks, were all for the bands.

Finally both nigths were over-filled (also some people were...), people also were dancing on the street, and much more songs by the Ramone were played than in 1994, including two pure coverbands, one only founded for the event. A loud and long party, beside of a sad reason...

Friday and Saturday, 29 and 30 November 1996
Düsseldorf, AK 47
Both days sold out with each around 200 in the crowd

The final Line-Up:

The Boonaraaas (Düsseldorf/D)
The Colvins (Duisburg/D)
Horror Hotel (Lüneburg/D)
The Eaglebauers (Düsseldorf/D)


Guitar Gangsters (London/England)
Durango 95 (Berlin/D)
La Cry (Hamburg/D)
ZZZ Hacker (Bielefeld/D)
Horror Hotel (Lüneburg/D)
The Rähjempi (Finnland)


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